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This is where we workshop your idea, ask the right questions and set a solid foundation for the project moving forward. We want to hear everything you have to say as it gives us direction on who you are, why you do things and what you want to achieve. Our role in this part of the process is to listen and provide you with the right information based on what you have to say. Together we will work collaboratively, workshop your idea and begin a process that removes the unnecessary and builds on the extrodinary.


A good strategy is vital to making use of all the information we developed during our initial communication stage. Typically we look at where you wan’t to end up and what goals you wan’t to achieve. From here we reverse engineer a strategy on how to get you there efficiently and effectively. We also considers other requirements like time frames, budget allowances and any outsourced / supplier liaising that might be required. This part of the process puts you in a great position as you can sit back and see a plan come to action that will make your project a success.


Each and every project we take on whether it be small or large receives some form of in house research. It is vital for us to understand all the factors and forces that surround your project. Every project is different but generally we will look at elements like your market position, competitors, current/future trends and your target audience. This gives us the opportunity to benchmark what is already being done and look at where you sit in comparison and where you need to be.


The conceptual stage of the project is where we lay it all out on the table and look for the ideas that really match up to everything we set out in the initial stages. This is where our diverse skill set really comes into play as we are able to look at your project from various angles and develop a range of ideas. Idea generation plays a major part in this stage but the real crux is in the ability to benchmark all those ideas against the goals of your project. The process is ongoing and ever evolving, ensuring that the ideas we present to you during this stage have a high chance of hitting the mark straight of the bat.


Here we get into the real nuts and bolts of making your project work to the best of it’s capability. We look at all aspects of the design in relation to your project requirements and develop the design accordingly. This could include the layout of the required content or the ins and outs of making a product fit together perfectly. During this process we will also test things out, run samples and build prototypes (if required) which ensures that we iron out any bugs and keeps us on our toes looking for new ideas or possible enhancements to your project. Once you are happy with the design we will tie up any loose ends and prep the project for it’s release into the real world where we have no doubt it will be a success.


Exceptional design should be for everybody, everywhere, on every occasion.

If you have a project that requires creative expertise and strategy, then it’s time to get in touch with Your Designer.